Autumn Inspiration

is much talk of winter trends in flowers, and though we keep abreast with what’s current and on-trend, I have always just wanted to let nature do the talking. She knows best, so where better to look for inspiration?
The hawthorns, apples and rosehips are very heavy with fruit this year, which suggests a cold winter ahead in gardener’s law, but how beautiful they look, particularly on a bright sunny day.


Crab apples are a real favourite of mine, and look stunning with just a few branches in a vase. Our gorgeous ‘Autumn Bounty’ bouquet includes these lavish fruits in their amazing colours.
As the first frosts come, we lose the brilliance of colour we have enjoyed, as we say goodbye for another year to dahlias and garden hydrangea (which I am particularly fond of). This is now the time for invention, to look further afield and enjoy the beauty of ornamental cabbage flowers, wonderful rose hips and amaryllis flowers. Of course we are so fortunate to always have the hot house stalwarts available to us, such as roses, which combine so well with anything to give us colour.
November kicks off with the festival of All Saints, celebrated more in Europe by decorating the churches in memory of loved ones. Then we have bonfire night, not an event often celebrated with flowers, though the orange ‘newton’ flowers (used in our Autumn Bounty bouquet) always remind me of fireworks exploding in the sky. And for those of us that live in the countryside, the clambering trails of ‘old man’s beard’ growing in hedgerows always reminds me of the smoke of bonfires.
There follows Remembrance Day, a day we mark with poppies. We change the flowers in The Ritz for that special weekend, creating displays with (artificial) poppies arranged amongst masses of wheat. Isn’t it wonderful how flowers can gently remind us of such important days?
For us, November means full steam ahead for Christmas, estimates for Christmas trees, fluffing up garlands, wiring…and more wiring. Heads down now, and let’s get ready for December!

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