Beginning the New Year


January 2017: Beginning the New Year

A New Year beckons with all the hopes and promises of a clean start. Resolutions made (and broken). After all the business of December, I rather like the quiet days of January for the chance to take stock and start planning.

I had my first day out in the garden, trying to finally get in all my spring bulbs I just couldn’t get in before Christmas! Even now in this bleak dark month, I was surprised to see the small grey shoots of snowdrops pushing through the ground. I was also delighted to see pure white hellebores starting to flower amongst the fallen leaves, such lovely signs of hope and promise.

I love to use white flowers in January. In the Ritz, we fill the hotel with white flowers after the night the Christmas decorations are cleared. They look so clean and refreshing after all the rich reds and golds.

January to me is represented in flowers by hellebores and paperwhite narcissi, the first of all the narcissi. I have chosen to use these in the Spring Paperwhite bouquet with birch twigs and English Ivy berry to echo the woodland. They look perfect amongst the ivy berries and smell amazing.

White Parrot tulip bouquetKeeping with white and staying lovely and simple, what could be better than a bouquet of just white parrot tulips, in our imaginatively named bouquet White Parrot. They are one of those flowers that get better and better with age as the green turns to white.

While walking around the flower market there are two other kinds of flowers that continually catch my eye this time of year. The first are the wraps of ‘Cluni’ Ranunculus. Grown by specialist growers these flowers are much larger than their normal ranunculus cousins. Amazing peony-like flowers, which only seem to get better and better with age as their papery petals almost turn to gossamer. We have used them in our Blush bouquet, though the colours range from white, blush and yellows to rich dark reds and mauves.

The other flowers are anemones, celebrated in our Bright and Beautiful bouquet. The best anemones are grown in Italy with strong stems and large blousy colourful flowers bringing a real spark of colour into a gloomy month.

In January we are always excited to hear from brides planning their wedding (often following a Christmas engagement)! There is nothing we enjoy more than working on flowers for a wedding, from the conception of a design to the final creation. If you happen to be planning your big day, please have a look at the wedding section  of our website. For any further information, contact Fiona on 020 7355 1876 for a consultation.

Oh well, back to sorting out and packing away all the Christmas decorations. Have a good January and, if I’m not too late to say it, ‘Happy New Year’!


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