William Kent House

We’re honoured to be the exclusive in-house florist for William Kent House at the Ritz Hotel – a series of six ornate 18th-century private dining rooms overlooking Green Park.

We’re there almost daily, working closely with the Ritz’s in-house team on elegant events and weddings. Paul has ‘dressed’ the rooms for over a decade, yet still finds new and thrilling ways of complementing the beauty of each space.

And it’s not purely our flowers that bring out the majesty. Over the years Paul has established a collection of Paris-bought crystalware, silverware and candelabra exclusively for William Kent House. He adds to this collection every year.

“Paul’s creative understanding in showcasing the classic Edwardian style of The Ritz and integrating it with his own distinctive designs has enabled us to establish a dramatic signature look much admired by our many guests and visitors. Paul’s commitment to maintaining the highest of standards required by The Ritz is second to none and we are delighted to retain him and his team as our Floral Designers”