Care Guide

Flower Care
  • Lift the bouquet out of the bag or box and carefully remove the paper wrap and hydration pack.
  • Do not remove the string as this holds the handcrafted design together.
  • Remove any leaves that would be below the waterline to keep the water clean and prolong the vase life.
  • Cut the flower stems on an angle and split woody stems with scissors. Trim to the right length for your vase.
  • Pour the flower food into your chosen vase and fill with freshly‐drawn, lukewarm water.
  • Place the flowers in the vase ensuring the water is high enough to reach any shorter stems.
  • Position the flowers away from direct sunlight, draughts, radiators or air conditioning.
  • If these steps are followed, a mixed bouquet should last 5‐7 days. The flowers may last varying lengths of time, simply remove any dying flowers as the bouquet ages.


Orchid Plant Care
  • Orchid plants should be kept in a well‐lit place but out of direct sunlight.
  • Avoid draughts and extreme temperatures of below 12°c or above 25°c.
  • Water/mist the roots and leaves regularly (approx. once a week) avoiding the flowers. The roots should remain moist but should not sit in water.
  • Wipe any dust from the leaves as required to ensure light reaches the foliage.
  • If this care guide is followed, orchid flowers should last for approx. 4 weeks. Once the plant has finished flowering, cut the flower stem back to the third node above the leaves. In time a new flower stem may appear.


Wreath & Garland Care

Our winter wreaths and garlands are handmade to order by our team of master florists. They remain fresh for approximately one to two weeks and dry beautifully.

  • Mist with water regularly (front and back) to keep both the foliage and the base moist.
  • Keep outside or in a cool place to maximise the lifespan.


Contact Us

For additional advice please contact Customer Care:

E. [email protected] T. 020 7499 6889

If you have any problems with your delivery or if your flowers/plants have not arrived in the condition you would expect, please contact us on the day of arrival with a photo so we can rectify the issue.


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