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Everything we do is designed to complement your space with maximum impact. On seeing a room, our experience means that we know immediately what flowers will work best.

Paul Thomas Flowers offer a full floral contract service to hotels, retailers, offices, art galleries, restaurants and private homes throughout London. Discretion, punctuality and flexibility are paramount and we deliver at a time that suits you.

We’ll also take care of your flowers with a mid-week watering and deadheading maintenance round. Being based beside the flower market in Battersea, we can quickly respond to any additional requests.

key contact

“Paul Thomas Flowers have been wonderful to work with for the past decade. They have looked after Sotheby’s flowers with fabulous attention to detail with no last minute requirement being too much trouble. Everything is achieved with a smile and good humour.”


“We have always been delighted with the innovative and striking displays by Paul Thomas Flowers. Their work is glamorous, modern and fresh.”


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