French Riviera at Rosewood London

Inspired by RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the annual London horticultural event (21-25 May), Rosewood London invited PAUL THOMAS to create a bespoke archway installation. Interacting with Villa Minuty – the Rosewood London’s very own French Riviera in the heart of London – our installation invites you to immerse yourself in the essence of the South of France: summer evenings, wine tasting, outdoor feasts, and the picturesque countryside await your indulgence.

Videography by Fraser Stephen

Our Events team designed a display that aimed to reflect the journey of rustic charm where grapes ripen under the sun’s gentle caress. Holborn welcomes summer at Rosewood London, with twisting vines and creeping roses intertwine, reclaiming their place amidst the city streets, inviting you to explore this enchanting sanctuary where the beauty of the countryside meets the bustling energy of the city.

Choosing roses as the focal flower, our design was inspired by the traditional use of rose plants in vineyards where they serve as a natural barrier, with their thorny tendrils helping to support the health of the grapevines, ensuring a bountiful harvest for years to come​.

When working on an installation of this scale, our Head of Events and the Event designers start by meeting the client and crafting a proposal that responds to their brief. Part of the designing process, figuring out the mechanics and all that is needed to achieve the designs is also an important step. Selecting which flowers to use demands that we keep working closely with our wholesalers and partners, with our team having to always be up to date on what seasonal products are available. Our suppliers and the New Covent Garden Market – just around the corner from our studio –are key to ensure the best flowers and products are used. After all is approved by the client, our teams are ready to start the second stage of the process: making and prepping ahead of the installation day. The final and most important ingredient is guaranteeing that the right florists are booked for the job – it’s their expertise, hard work and unwavering dedication that truly brings any idea to life.

You can follow along and have a glimpse into all the work that goes into bringing such an installation to life: from conditioning and prepping in our studio to last weekend’s overnight install, watch below to dive into our work at PAUL THOMAS.


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