In The Hothouse with Liz Linkleter

In The Hothouse
with Liz Linkleter

In The Hothouse… this month is event designer extraordinaire, Liz Linkleter. The former Alexander McQueen PR founded her eponymous event production and design agency in 2014 and her work has since been featured by the likes of British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Tatler.

Read on to find out about Liz’s favourite flowers, top tips for post-lockdown entertaining and the importance of trusting your instincts.

Photography by Liz Linkleter

Do you have a favourite flower and why?

It depends on my mood, I love so many, but I do have a special place in my heart for mimosa. It really brightens up the colder months and looks great en masse in a vase or along a table. I also love British-grown tulips at this time of year, especially a few days in when they are really open and dramatic.


What do flowers mean to you?

Flowers have the power to brighten up someone’s day and can completely change your mood. They are also the most effective (and instant) way of dressing a table or room.


How do you like to display flowers around the home?

I like a big dramatic arrangement on the mantelpiece or in the hearth, with smaller arrangements dotted around wherever there is space.


Do you have a favourite vase and what’s the story behind it?

I have quite an eclectic vase selection. I currently love my Jessica Hans vases, which are full of character.


Is there a connection between flowers and your creative process?

Undeniably – flowers are a huge and central focus of all our event designs and can often be a starting point. If we know the time of year is particularly good for a certain type of flower – so say in December, we know we can get amazing Icelandic poppies – we’ll build something around that. We prefer to work with seasonal, British-grown flowers wherever possible. The tone of a particular variety can set the entire colour palette for an event.

Florals take centre stage at wedding celebrations designed by Liz Linkleter.

What kind of flowers do you like to send as a gift? Do you have a signature bouquet?

I don’t have a signature gift as I like to choose something best suited to the personality of the recipient. I do like the drama of a very big bunch of one single variety. For a stylish fashion friend, I might choose something flower heavy and conceptual with big statement blooms, whilst for a nature lover, I’d go for something wild with lots of foliage and little meadow flowers.


What kind of flowers do you like to receive?

I love any and all flowers sent with love!      

“Flowers have the power to brighten up someone’s day and can completely change your mood. They are also the most effective (and instant) way of dressing a table or room.”


Tell us about how you started the business and some key learnings along the way?

It’s a cliche, but the idea for the business came to me when I got engaged and started planning my own wedding. At that time, it felt like there was a gap in the market for a design-led wedding planning agency that avoided the traditional and the ostentatious in favour of something highly personal and original. My background is in fashion and I spent ten years in PR before starting up, most recently at Alexander McQueen, and that informs what we do.

In terms of learnings, there have been so many! I think one of the most important things is to know your value and what makes you special – there will always be the client that wants to haggle you down, but I’ve learnt that the clients who don’t see your value usually aren’t the right fit. Also, trust your instincts – your gut is always right.

“I think one of the most important things is to know your value and what makes you special… trust your instincts – your gut is always right.”


Describe a favourite or particularly memorable event that you have designed and tell us why it stands out?

I’ve loved them all in different ways! We did a beautiful one recently for a Chinese bride and an English groom that used subtle Chinese touches throughout, which was great fun. We commissioned a bespoke chinoiserie print that was used on stationery and the tablescape, and we covered the ceiling with Chinese lanterns.
A fusion of Chinese and English elements reflects the nationalities of the happy couple at this wedding designed by Liz Linkleter.

What have you been doing to keep busy during lockdown?

I’ve had my hands full looking after two small children! The thought of having to try to keep busy is a distant dream!


What are your top tips for flowers when entertaining at home (post lock-down, of course)?

Don’t try too hard – simple and lots of it is just as impactful as formal arrangements you’ve agonised over. Or grow your own – I’ve been inspired this lockdown to plant lots of bulbs to grow my own cutting garden next year.


Quick fire questions:


White or colourful flowers?



Neat or wild arrangements?



Petty, dainty flowers or big, showy blooms?

Big, showy blooms.


What flower do you love to integrate into your event designs?

Tulips or big, blousy English roses.


Three words to describe your style?

Our events are always stylish, original and understated.


What are your favourite bouquets from our Spring Collection?

I love the warm colours of The Tennyson.

Blousy English roses used for a wedding table centrepiece.
The Tennyson; Liz’s bouquet of choice from The Spring Collection

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