In The Hothouse with Luke Abrahams

In The Hothouse
with Luke Abrahams

Freelance journalist and editor, Luke Abrahams has become something of an authority when it comes to luxury lifestyle news and travel reviews. Regularly featured by renowned titles including British Vogue, the Evening Standard and Harper’s Bazaar, the London native has a large social media following, no doubt collectively living vicariously through the sumptuous imagery from his lavish adventures around the globe.

Luke joins us In The Hothouse this month to discuss what flowers mean to him, his go-to for floral gifting and what he feels flowers can say about a hotel. Read on to find out about Luke’s personal flower style plus his top tips for last-minute UK staycations this summer.

Photography by Luke Abrahams

Luke takes a moment to enjoy breakfast with a view, surrounded by scarlet geraniums, whilst on a trip to Paris.

Do you have a favourite flower and why?

Tuberose – it’s my go-to in perfumes, too.


What do flowers mean to you?

They inject a mood into the household. Anything that brightens up my day or even hazards a smile is welcome on my dining room table.


How do you like to display flowers around the home?

I like a statement vase right next to my pile of magazines.

“Anything that brightens up my day or even hazards a smile is welcome on my dining room table.”


What kind of flowers do you like to send as a gift? Do you have a signature bouquet?

White roses. They are chic, plain and simple and don’t say too much. Think neutrality – that’s my motto for any occasion.

As a journalist you must receive a lot of thank you flowers. What kind of bouquet do you like to be gifted?

It all really depends on my mood and the season. Wild and classic, but also not too over the top or complex. I think a lot can be said through simplicity, about the recipient as well as the sender.

Is there a connection between flowers and your work? How important a part do they play in your experience of a new place?

I will always ask who does the florals when I walk into a hotel. In London, I can tell almost instantly. Everyone seems to have their go-to, signature florist, such as Paul Thomas’s arrangements at The Ritz. I am always fascinated by how a certain market or location dictates the type and style of the flower mix used, too.

Sculptural arrangements of autumnal hydrangea captured by Luke during a stay at the Four Seasons in Florence
A simple bud vase adorns the breakfast table during his stay at a hotel in Paris

As you travel so much for work, you must experience a wide variety of floral styles. Are there any that have particularly stayed in your mind (for good or bad reasons)?

I always like and respect a hotel or place that makes the most out of the locale as they possibly can. If it’s indigenous, sustainable, somewhat anti-trend and not so predictable and if it sticks outs then I remember it. The same can be said for everything else that goes into a space. I look for personality and originality. 

“I will always ask who does the florals when I walk into a hotel. In London, I can tell almost instantly. Everyone seems to have their go-to, signature florist.”


As international travel continues to be unpredictable, what are your top recommendations for places to visit or stay within the UK?

I’ve been to 76 countries and yet I have not explored that much of the UK. From the little I’ve seen, The Fife Arms is a stunner and perhaps, one of the best hotels I’ve stayed at in a while. Lucknam Park is a great spot for long walks and bike rides and picnics, along with Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons; a Belmond Hotel with knockout food courtesy of Raymond Blanc. I also really loved the cottages at The Wild Rabbit at Kingham in The Cotswolds (think Daylesford chic) and Cliveden House because it’s a classic. For something a little more off the radar, try The Torridon in Wester Ross, Scotland because it is quite literally in the middle of nowhere.



What are your top tips for travel when things open up again?

Be prepared as it takes the stress out of it all. Know what the rules are for the country you are visiting and respect them. The form filling may look daunting, but I have had no issues whatsoever. If you can’t holiday now, book a trip down the line to help support the industry as well as the operators, hotels and the people who keep them going.

Luke’s snap of the iconic Café De Flore in Saint Germain
A picture postcard from a passageway in Paris

What exciting projects or travels do you have coming up?

The US. I have nicknamed this trip ‘The MEGA One’. I will then return to Italy and I will finish the year up in Scotland where I will plan next year’s theme.


Quick fire questions:


White or colourful flowers? 



Neat or wild arrangements? 



Petty, dainty flowers or big, showy blooms? 



Three words to describe your style? 

That would be giving too much away!


What is your favourite item from our current collections?

I do love a palm so it would have to be The Aston Areca Palm Plant

An image from Luke’s visit to the Hotel Particulier, Montmartre, Paris
The Aston Areca Palm Plant; Luke’s favourite from the Paul Thomas Plant Collection

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