In The Hothouse with Nathalie Schyllert

In The Hothouse with Nathalie Schyllert

With health and wellbeing having never been higher on the agenda, we caught up with Bodyism CEO, Nathalie Schyllert to find out about her wellness philosophy and how flowers play a part in her life and work.

From top tips for exercise and training regimes to her unique take on flowers for gifting and entertaining at home, read on to discover the story behind Nathalie’s favourite flower and more.

Photography from Bodyism and Paul Thomas.

Do you have a favourite flower and why?

I love roses, that’s why I chose them for my wedding bouquet when I got married almost 10 years ago. They are an elegant and classic flower with the most divine smell. It might not be the most exciting or unusual flower but, as with many aspects in my life, I prefer for things to be timeless and classic.

What do flowers mean to you?

Flowers can mean happiness, love, friendship, sadness and anything in-between. It completely depends on what the mood is and the flowers could truly enhance the occasion and state of mind.

How do you like to display flowers around the home? Do you have a favourite vase or place for them?

I have a very large, clear round vase that I like to place by the fireplace in the living room. It makes the whole room lit up.

“Flowers can mean happiness, love friendship and anything in-between.”


What flowers do you like to send as a gift?

It completely depends on the occasion; I always make sure that the type of flower and the colour match the occasion. I always try to include some roses in a bouquet, it adds some extra feeling of luxury.

What kind of flowers do you like to receive?

Flowers that someone has put some thought into. You can tell straight away if they have cared when they bought you the flowers or just picked a random bouquet to tick a box.

Nathalie carrying a bouquet of ivory roses on her wedding day.
Nathalie’s favourite flower takes centre stage in the Paul Thomas Ivory Rose Bouquet

You often have plants and florals at Bodyism. What part do you think they can play in health and wellbeing?

The lovely smell and pleasing visual of fresh flowers can really set the mood in a space. At Bodyism, we try to make sure that everyone walks in feeling happy, healthy and inspired. The flowers we choose reflect this.

What exciting things do you have in the pipeline that you’re able to share with us?

On a personal level, I’ve just given birth to my third child so that’s definitely my focus this spring! Saying that, we also have a busy time coming up at Bodyism. We can finally start hosting events for our members again and we are hoping to sign two new hotel partnerships later this year.

The Bodyism flagship in London’s Notting Hill offers a club, café and treatments for members.

What are your top tips for people looking to enhance their health and wellbeing?

Make sure you do a variation of your exercise styles. Find things that you enjoy and vary them. For example, you can mix up a PT session, yoga class and day walks in a week. Try not to do the same kind of training every single day. You’re bound to get bored and it can also lead to injuries. Another important thing is not to over train when you are stressed since it can lead to increased cortisol levels. Instead choose calmer ways to exercise those days (i.e. yoga instead of going running).

“The lovely smell and visual of fresh flowers can really set the mood in a space. At Bodyism we try to make sure that everyone walks in feeling happy, healthy and inspired.”


What are your top tips for flowers when entertaining?

I like to place a few small posies along the dinner table as well as a larger, more impressive bouquet in the living room. Ideally the colours should match the table setting to set the mood to the evening.

A healthy breakfast to start the day right at the Bodyism café in London.
Nathalie’s lifestyle embodies her wellness philosophy.

Quick-fire questions:

All white or colourful flowers? 

All white.


Neat or wild arrangements? 



Petty, dainty flowers or big, showy blooms?

Big showy blooms.


Top Bodyism product recommendation?

Body Brilliance is always my favourite supplement.

Favourite design from the Paul Thomas Spring Collection?

The Brontë – XL!

The Brontë bouquet from the Paul Thomas Spring Collection.

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