In The Hothouse With Maeve Doyle

In The Hothouse With Maeve Doyle

Coinciding with Frieze London (11th – 15th October 2023), we sat down In The Hothouse with Global Artistic Director of the Maddox Gallery group, art critic and podcaster, Maeve Doyle.

From Maddox Gallery headquarters, Maeve guides us from her inspirations in the art world to her favourite flowers and why there is a dialogue between these two.

Maeve Doyle

Please tell us about how you became an art critic and gallery director. What inspires you in your work?
I started by studying at the Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver, Canada. On this side of the pond, I founded Doyle Devere Gallery and directed Mayfair’s infamous Bankrobber gallery. In recent years, Maddox Gallery and my podcast Maeve Doyle’s Private View have been my home.

I’m inspired by the artists, the art, the team of creative and business minded people who work at Maddox and I’m inspired by Mayfair – everyday! The art world has it all and art has the power to transform, educate and inspire people, it can change and shape culture – from the activism of Ai Weiwei to Banksy’s social politics, all has a massive influence on society.

What do flowers mean to you?
So many different meanings at different times: flowers can be a symbol of love, friendship, or even condolences. But always, flowers are manifestations of emotions through a gift of nature.  The act of selecting and presenting a bunch of flowers to someone is a display of your feelings for another person and that is incredibly powerful.

Do you have a favourite cut flower and why?
I like tulips because, unlike other flowers, tulips keep growing after being cut. They grow towards the light. The flowers open wide during the day and close at night and I find that fascinating.

“The art world has it all and art has the power to transform, educate and inspire people, it can change and shape culture.”

Maeve Doyle

What sort of flowers do you like to receive?
It’s always delightful to be presented with flowers, every time and every flower. For me, it can be an expensive bouquet or, just as well, buttercups from the roadside.

Maeve Doyle and (name to be confirmed and crop to fit)
The Turner from our Autumn Collection

What sort of flowers do you like to gift?
Always seasonal flowers: in August it’s sunflowers; in September, hydrangeas and during Frieze week it’s definitely mum’s roses.

Is there a connection between flowers and your work?
For years Maddox was famous for flower draping on the exterior of the gallery, so I’d say flowers are intrinsically linked to my workplace and many memories in the gallery.

“Flowers are manifestations of emotions through a gift of nature. The act of selecting and presenting a bunch of flowers to someone is a display of your feelings for another person, and that is incredibly powerful.”

Maeve Doyle

The Connor Brother, Crypto, 2022
The Connor Brothers, Social Media, 2022

Tell us more about what is coming up at Maddox Gallery!
The Connor Brothers’ Once Were Kings opens in Mayfair during Frieze Week, and it is absolutely unmissable. They will unveil this brand-new body of work within their Regression series. With their signature dry humour, their latest show promises more dinosaurs and ominous interpretations of the subjects that consume society and feed The Connor Brothers’ imaginations.

If you are in Notting Hill, check out Ross Muir’s second solo show, The Bridge Home, which will be on over during Frieze week. The Zoltar Machine, Tamara In A Tesla, Big Van Golf – all are such brilliant conversations with pop culture and art history – at Maddox Gallery Westbourne Grove.

Ross Muir, Girl With Chicken, 2022
Ross Muir, Tamara In A Tesla, 2023

What are your hot picks for Frieze London? What do you look forward to most each year?
I’m a big fan of Frieze Sculpture situated throughout Regents Park’s historic English Garden. This year it’s curated by writer Fatos Ustek, a founding member of The Association of Women in the Arts – AWITA, a non-profit networking group that aims to advance the careers of women in the visual arts. A must-see!

What’s next for you that you’re able to share with us?
September through December is a busy season in the art world – Frieze Miami and five exhibitions in London are coming up: The Connor Brothers, David Yarrow, Russell Young, Ross Muir and Cooper in Gsaadt. Lots happening!

My podcast is going into it’s sixth year – featuring conversations with artists and this season I’d like to start with Ray Richardson ahead of his solo show in October. Others joining the conversation are Emma Stern, Oli Epp, Alvaro Barrington to name just a few, so be sure to tune in.

Russell Young, Jackie (Strawberry Pink), 2017

Quickfire questions:

Neutral or colourful flowers?



Neat or wild arrangements?



Pretty, dainty flowers or big, showy blooms?



Favourite piece from the upcoming Maddox Gallery show during Frieze in October?

Girl with chicken by Ross Muir


Favourite piece from the PAUL THOMAS Collection?

Anything from the Autumn Collection.


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